King Coin

The Democratic Crypto Monarchy

Who will be King?

What is the role of the King?
The role of King is to act as CEO of King Coin. To have a true community-driven token its leadership must be community-driven as well.

Who is eligible?
Any person holding a minimum of 1T King Coin.

How to apply?
By creating a road map detailing your plans on the development of King Coin. Outlining strategies and planning on developing functions that will increase the value of King Coin.

How is the King chosen?
By a democratic election which will finish at the beginning of Q1, 2022, Jan 1st.

How can you vote?
By leaving you email address below you will receive the details on the election

What are the privileges of being king?
The King (CEO) of King Coin will be responsible for app development strategies, Finical planning, Social media, Business, and Entrepreneurial direction, as well as a 5% Dev wallet.

Election day, Jan 1st 2022

Why have an elected CEO for a token community?

There are many reasons to have an elected leader. Having a leader chosen and trusted by the community will generate trust in the future of the project. The leader who shows the greatest ability to lead and generate hype will be chosen for the betterment of the project. Whatever direction the king chooses to walk is also the chosen direction of the community. The election process itself will act as a massive marketing platform as to get votes people must spread the word. As entrants compete to be king they will inevitably spread the message of King Coin to every corner of the realm! The further the election voting spreads the better for the wallets of the early and late adopters. This confidence and curiosity will drive the value of King Coin, resulting in even higher and higher stakes for the community as well as the king. As King Coin grows, so too will the elections and vice versa.

King Coin Data

A good old-fashioned coin. Ready to be crowned King of the crypto social media world.

Court influencer

The Court Influencer.

The Court Influencer is a special role in the development of King Coin. Only the best influencer can be the official Court influencer. For this reason, a champion needs to be selected to represent the realm of King Coin.

How is The Court Influencer chosen?

The champion of the King Coin social media arena will be chosen by a simple competition. Post a Youtube video with "[King Coin Court Influencer audition]" in the title. The content creator with the most views will be given the position of Court Influencer. In other words, Go Viral In The Name of King Coin! Whoever spreads King Coin to the furthest corners of the world is one fit to be called Court Influencer.

The Court Influencer privileges.

Along with the pride of being the greatest influencer in the King Coin realm, The Court Influencer will also receive a 2.5% Dev wallet

When will the Court Influencer be chosen?

On Jan 1st, 2022, The beginning of Q1.


King Coin is a new way of viewing community-driven tokens. By using social-based job applications for the two primary positions along with a Dev-wallet each, applicants will spread the name of King Coin in an attempt to win. The more King Coin is worth the more people will compete to win these two positions, thus further driving the marketing and price of King Coin. The result is a huge potential for rapid exponential growth. The King Coin strategy will provide open-ended opportunities for use-case development while replacing the current method of marketing, "shilling" with entertainment and an event that will naturally generate attention and interest. Paired with an incentive for content creators to have fun throwing their Crown in the ring as well.

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